Monday, August 17, 2009

Especially for you...

I loose my nerve ....when u say that u r back in love ...
Rocking my brain ....Going in sane ,,,, .
I know that i'm trying to run .....
But i keep on coming back to where your track is still undone .....
Every day every night ..... i was mesmerized .....
The time u're near .... seem like my trouble disappears .....

I can set aside ...all my Time and Tide ....
If u were with me ... for all day night .....
Getting several time to c u on the line .....
Though i knew that you won't b here by this time .......
Waited and waited ......
Till your Green light appear in my lap-top dest . ....

Thinking about what would you do.....
It's killing me softly such a fool .....
Plucking up my courage .show this ........( poem )
What's all about on my mind is ......

You r such a wonderful ....
that change my day and make me whole .....
Scrumptious like a sweet .... indeed i can't stand to breath ....
Give me bak my soul that has flown ......., cause u r the reason who knows the way to be shown.....

Cherish my illusion to be Unknown ... ..this is how u remain as an enigma for me alone .....
Swooning over .... but still not recover ........
hope to redeem my self .... but i still love being indulge.....
Will you b my truly rib ? if then ...i can b your sweety chick . ......


Monday, July 7, 2008

A pain to gain

My heart aching with pain,
Around the world I've got nothing to gain,
For me to look in the mirror,
I see an image of a terror

Life has shown me love,
Just to see to it fly away, like a dove,
So beautiful and elegant, you'd want to keep
Only to find out thats dead to weep.

True love is something distance cannot part,
But it makes us stray away from this elegant art.
My heart beats with a whip
With memories of a big sea, where we took a dip.

I laugh in this sweet surrender,
I'd give the world all over again, just show I'm tender...
But till that day comes, my heart in pain
I'm around the world with nothing to gain.

It hurts, it hurts, each feeling like a lashing whip
It hurts, it hurts, each moment I lose my life's drip,
It hurts, it hurts, with each breath I take,
It hurts, it hurts, with each thoughts I cannot make. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Conflicting Conscience

Nothing to say,

So please go away...
This is truly not my day,
To go along way...
I can't stay,
But you may...
So let me be... just to pray.

Nothing for you,
Although there is something to do.
I know... you want to...
Though I wish it was not true.

Don't be sad...
I want you to be glad.
Though I am mad...
I'm just a little lad.

I'm just in the blues...
Because I'm in love with you!


Sunday, September 18, 2005

this lonely night...

Upon the rooftop... I stared at the moonlight,

Seeing you... so clear and so bright.
Wondering about you... in the middle of the night,
Wising to see you, but have not the courage nor might.

Long hours passed... through this lonely night...
Yet long before the sunlight's lights.
And now... I see the light in my sight,
But wishing that it was, night.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dreams May Hurt

Dreams, dreams, they come and go,

But stays, in my heart and do not go.
Painful, painful, memories... I do not wish to dream.
Cannot forget, yet hunts me in my dream.
WHY... does these dreams burn in my heart...
Which scars my heart and my feelings hurt.

Dreams, dreams they come and go,
But stays in my heart and do not go.
Like a curtain, it blinds me, is this reality or my fantasies?
Torture in my bare beating heart!
WHY... is this happening so?
This, I may never come to know.


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Poisonous dart

It comes to me day and night,
Till I was in a fright.
It burned in my heart,
Like I've been hit by a poisonous dart.

Some says, it is a cure, that cures you,
While other say, it is a trick to lure you.
But, it burned in my heart,
Like I've been hit by a poisonous dart.

The sweetest dreams, I thought they're true,
But waking up to reality, really makes me blue.
And it burns in my heart,
Like I've been hit by a poisonous dart.

Will there be no cure, for me to take?
Will there be no spell, for this curse to break?
It burns in my heart...
Like I've been hit by a poisonous dart.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Prologue (The Rivers of Time)

Time... it flows like a river. The speed is cruel yet true, it enslaves us like a mule. And yet no one is able to stop it nor will able to. But the speed of time is different for each person.

It is impossible to forget the memories of our younger days...

The light that reflects upon the river of time, is a true friendship. Like time, we move, like the river. Even though we wish to stop, the river of time forces us to move on and on, till the time has run out for each of us...
Each day we get older, we are more attached to the memories of our younger days.

The growth of us can be seen on the surface of the river's water. Love for one another grows stronger and firmer by time.

Time can change anything in this world but it can never change our memories.

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